Our Benefits 

In an ever-changing environment and with the problems faced around the globe, we are looking for exceptional talent who believe in innovation and creativity and believe that they can make a real change. In return we provide a work environment that fosters a culture of inclusion, diversity, performance, and innovation. Giving you the space to meet professional career goals as well as family obligations and personal goals. 

We provide and ensure:

  • Long term organizational stability 
  • Space to think outside of the box
  • Competitive salary and career development 


If you are excited to shape the innovation of tomorrow, we want to hear from you. You will join a group of the smartest minds all working together to build a better future. 

Work with us 

Quantlase Lab commitment to scientific excellence and innovation is at the core of our values. We expect all members to build teams that are equitable, divers, inclusive and to foster a professional culture and climate that reflect these values. 

We help create what matters to our society and community. From making sustainable energy more economical, to creating groundbreaking technologies that transform our work. 

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Opportunities to grow

Quantlase Lab is currently hiring the following positions:

  • Operations Engineer
  • Scientist
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