About the Lab

Biological systems are complex because of the highly dynamic surroundings possessing diverse molecular interactions. The advancing biophotonic techniques have tremendously improved our understanding of the non-trivial quantum mechanical effects of biological systems. In this context, the quantum biophotonics lab aims at understanding the interaction of light with biological systems and integrating the current understanding of optics and biology to provide solutions in diagnostics, prognostics, healthcare, and therapeutics. It intends to develop and apply the knowledge of advanced biophotonics combined with quantum technologies for specific, sensitive, cost-effective, non-invasive, and faster diagnosis of infectious and genetic diseases at an early stage for devising effective treatment strategies. Such techniques include deplorability and point-of-care utilization that require minimum expertise and can be used in remote areas. The laboratory is highly equipped with advanced lasers and detectors rooted in optics and backed by artificial intelligence-based analysis to accomplish these goals. Intending to develop quantum technologies, the quantum biophotonics lab holds the promise of solving unmet needs in healthcare.

What We Do

We are focusing on combining the recent advancements of quantum optics and biology to better understand highly dynamic complex living systems at the cellular, molecular, and atomic levels. In the biophotonics laboratory, our efforts will be utilized to discover optics-based novel innovations for the precise detection and diagnosis of a variety of complex diseases including genetic and infectious diseases for clinical application and translation potential. We are focusing on differentiating features of highly contagious, virulent pathogens that affect human beings directly or indirectly, possessing significant social impact. Our multi-disciplinary approach will combine the modern molecular biological and optical-based innovations to increase the specificity and sensitivity of diagnostic technologies. The developed technologies will significantly impact diseased patients by providing them with cost-effective and precise identification of disease-causing agents that can be used to devise targeted therapeutical options. The laboratory is equipped with modern, sophisticated, state-of-the-art instruments and facilities.


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