About the Lab

The Advanced Computational Lab (ACL) serves as a pivotal hub dedicated to the research, development, testing, analysis, and deployment of cutting-edge high-performance systems and software architectures in the realm of emerging Laser/Photonics Technology. In the realm of software implementation, ACL harnesses the capabilities of modern high-performance parallel computational facilities, equipped with the latest software advancements. In today's scientific landscape, experiments have grown increasingly intricate, yielding vast datasets and demanding swift, informed decision-making. At ACL, we harness the formidable potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive and extend the boundaries of our scientific research and innovation. Our core objectives center on the design and development of a diverse array of innovative Deep Learning and Machine Learning Applications. These applications are for Knowledge Base Systems, Communication Security & Cryptography Software, Simulators, Emulators, and Automation Tools. By leveraging AI-based software tools, we strive to advance the frontiers of scientific discovery and technological innovation, enabling us to tackle complex challenges in the field of Laser/Photonics Technology.

What We Do

Our distinguished, multidisciplinary team of exceptionally talented scientists is actively engaged in a diverse array of projects. These encompass groundbreaking initiatives such as Femtosecond laser-based Water Desalination, Quantum Random Number Generation, Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Computing, Medical Imaging, Medical Diagnostic Tools, and Microscopic Imaging (AFM, SEM, TEM), among others. The overarching mission of the Advanced Computational Lab is to empower our scientific community with transformative tools and expertise. Our objectives extend to the following areas: · Artificial Intelligence-based Applications: Leveraging advanced Deep/Machine Learning techniques to Analyze, Quantify, Detect, Annotate, and Characterize bio photonics and microscopic images (AFM, SEM, and TEM). · Reinforcement Learning-based Software: Employing cutting-edge approaches to enhance scientific computing. · Analytical Proficiency: Ensuring the physical interpretation and validation of numerical results, encompassing accuracy, correctness, and an understanding of simulation model limitations. · Robotics Integration: Implementing robotics solutions for High-Power Laser Operations. · Hardware/Software Integration and Automation: Developing tools to automate high-power lasers and sensors. · Cryptoanalysis and Benchmarking Tools: Crafting tools for Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) and Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). · Innovative Algorithms for Simulators and Emulators: Creating algorithms capable of capturing the complexity of virtually any system, across all levels of detail. The Advanced Computational Lab is dedicated to advancing the frontiers of technology and scientific discovery, serving as a catalyst for innovation in the fields of Laser Technologies, Photonics, and beyond.


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