Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct advanced research in Quantum enhanced microscopy, Quantum Imaging, and Laser-assisted medical diagnostics, and convert this knowledge into applicable processes, products, and materials.

We aim to work through advanced quantum technologies with innovative computing, biotechnological, engineering, and biomedical research.

Our Vision

QuantLase lab is fast growing, highly sophisticated internationally recognized laboratory that works in the fields of quantum and laser-based technologies by exploiting quantum phenomena such as superposition, interference, and entanglement. The lab inspires to evolve as a world class research platform to address major global health challenges by enhanced quantum imaging, Cyber security issues by Quantum Key distribution and problems of water desalination by Ultrafast Laser system. To meet these challenges, we work to innovate such benchmark technologies that are affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

Our Value

QuantLase upholds certain core values to accomplish its mission and vision:

People: Benefiting human race is at the center of all human efforts. Making technologies and products which are accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

Excellence: World class research based on innovation, originality, creativity, and continuity.

Teamwork: The research team holds diverse expertise and work with team-spirit to reach the goals.


Quantlase Lab, a subsidiary of International Holdings Company (IHC) situated in Abu Dhabi, represents a pioneering interdisciplinary research and innovation laboratory within the MENA region. As a premier entity established in 2020, it operates under the overarching goal of advancing quantum-enabled photonic technologies across diverse sectors such as Healthcare, Cyber Security, Cryptography, Blockchain, Sustainability, and Renewable Energy. The laboratory, a distinctive endeavor in the Middle East, is driven by a mission to provide sustainable solutions through the integration of quantum-assisted methodologies. Notably, Quantlase Lab has achieved significant strides in scientific innovation, particularly in the development and deployment of the diffractive phase interferometry (DPI) technique. This innovative methodology has proven efficacious in facilitating rapid COVID-19 screening during the successive waves of the pandemic. Underscoring an unwavering commitment to interdisciplinary scientific rigor, Quantlase Lab aspires to contribute substantially to the realm of quantum-assisted innovative solutions. This commitment is realized through the synergistic utilization of advanced computing and artificial intelligence. The laboratory specializes in advanced light manipulation and control, harnessing cutting-edge technology and sophisticated equipment. Among its state-of-the-art assets are femtosecond lasers, superconducting nanowires single photon detector (SNSPD), Digital Oscilloscope (33 GHz, 4 Channel, 50-100 GS/s), Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (DC to 26.5 GHz), and Time Tagger Ultra. These tools empower the lab to explore novel frontiers in quantum-assisted solutions and establish itself as a vanguard in the convergence of quantum technologies and applied sciences.


International Holdings Company, PJSC, has evolved from one company primarily involved in the aquaculture industry into an investment holding company featuring various operating assets. Formerly known as International Fish Farming Holding Co PJSC, the company engages in the investment and development of food and feed supply business. It operates through the following segments: district cooling; contracting and real estate; digital; industrial; food; and research and capital. The company, which is listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange (ADX), was founded on November 23, 1998, and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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