About the Lab

The Quantum Photonics Lab explores the incorporation of quantum optics into targeted applications where quantum effects play a vital role. Quantum photonic applications involve the precise control of the generation, manipulation, and detection of light and matter at the quantum level, often focusing on individual photons. Key elements of Quantum Photonics include the investigation of quantum entanglement, quantum superposition, quantum communication, and quantum cryptography. Conversely, the application of quantum computing to decision-making machines holds the promise of efficiently solving intricate optimization problems, thereby accelerating decision-making processes at the speed of light.

What We Do

In the Quantum Photonics Lab, our primary focus revolves around utilizing optical chaos to establish a photonic entropy source for a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG). This QRNG functions as an exceptional random key generator, leveraging the inherent properties of quantum physics to generate entropy. The lab has successfully demonstrated a proof-of-concept for the QRNG, and ongoing research and experiments are directed towards developing a compact, commercially viable QRNG. This technology finds broad applications, including but not limited to cryptography and blockchain. Moreover, at Quantlase Quantum Photonics Lab, we are actively engaged in the development of an optical decision-making machine that utilizes a photonic entropy source. The synergistic integration of quantum photonics and decision-making machines holds promise for advancing both the efficiency and security of various applications, spanning from quantum computing to laser-driven decision support systems.


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