Job Description:

  • Investigate and understand root causes for issues in equipment, technical or business operations, evaluate them and work to create effective solutions (in-house and for outside partners and clients)
  •  Develop corrective actions to solve the operations issues.
  • Provide consulting services to solve operations engineering problems.
  • Ensure operations-related activities are performed in compliance with company standards and regulations.
  • Initiate continuous process improvements to improve operational effectiveness.
  •  Provide technical support and guidance on operations validation, development and implementation.
  • Provide engineering support to the operations team in achieving business goals.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of operational standards and procedures.
  • Support the coordination of the research operation, as well as daily operations oversight
  • Implement process improvement activities to enhance research workflows


  • Great reporting skills
  •  Strong understanding of operations, services and applications
  •  Excellent engineering and manufacturing control
  •  Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  •  Ability to analyze the flow and duties of each step in the operational process
  •  Possessing technical and mechanical skills to perform any necessary equipment repairs
  •  Ability to describe suggestions, observations and results accurately
Work Experience

Minimum Education / Experience Requirements:

  •  A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (in any branch).
  •  At least 2+ years of work experience in a related field


*No. of posts: 1

Employment type: Full time

Expected Monthly Salary: 5500 AED to 7000 AED

Benefits: Tax-Free Salary, Visa, Medical Insurance, Paid Leaves, Annual Leaves as per Labour Law, Annual Air Ticker, Perks and Benefits as per Labour Law


If you are ready to join one of the leading Research and Development companies in UAE with every growing aspiration and to become a part of an ambitious team, we are looking forward to meet you!

*Number of posts can be increased or decreased depending on the availability of suitable candidates

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Job description:

The QuantLase Lab is inviting application from suitable candidates for the posts of Scientist for its High-Power Laser Technology and Material Science Technology division. Highly motivated applicants are required who could work in the areas of Laser Technology, Thin Film Technology, Instrumentations and must hold a Ph.D. degree in a related field. Candidates with a strong background and experience in handling the Femtosecond Laser System, Thin film growth technology, and Microscopy equipment will be given preference.


Main Responsibilities:

  •  To plan and carry out research in accordance with the project aims
  •  Plan, direct and conduct specialized and advanced research experiments
  •  Establish new research protocols and procedures
  •  To take an active part in the academic activities of the QuantLase Lab
  •  To attend and contribute to journal clubs and seminar presentations
  •  Present findings at national and international meetings
  •  The candidate is expected to publish results in a refereed journal and make presentations at meetings, conferences, symposia, and seminars.
  •  The candidate will also participate in maintaining technical reports and other documents associated with the operation of the lab, along with reports on experimental progress, technical developments, and new initiatives to peer reviews



  • Install, troubleshoot and maintain commercial laser systems
  •  Integrate complex, high precision optical sub-assemblies into higher level systems and maintain them.
  •  Troubleshoot as well as conduct failure analysis of electro-optical-mechanical systems to improve process and design.
  •  Develop laser and electro-optical systems to support future quantum experiments.
  •  Work together with the other scientist to conduct experiments for a diverse array of real-world applications
  •  Extensive experimental/bench work experience
  •  Strong publication record
  •  Good collaboration skills and ability to work with a team in an interdisciplinary environment


  •  Experience in planning experimental campaign including ability to perform as an innovative experimentalist with a broad range of experience in experimental design, techniques and execution.
  •  Evidence of ability to conduct research independently
  •  Proactively seek innovative solutions to scientific problems
  •  Willingness to work in a diverse, multi-cultural environment
  •  Familiarity with combining experimental and computational methods
Work Experience

Minimum Education / Experience Requirements: Scientist

  • A Ph.D. degree in Laser Technology, Thin Film Technology, Instrumentations, Material Science, or closely related field.
  • At least 3+ years of post-doctoral experience in relevant field

*No. of Post for scientist: 2

Employment type: Full time

Expected Monthly Salary: NA

Benefits: Tax Free Salary, Visa, Medical Insurance, Paid Leaves, Annual Leaves as per Labour Law, Annual Air Ticker, Perks and Benefits as per Labour Law


If you are ready to join one of the leading Research and Development companies in UAE with every growing aspiration and to become a part of an ambitious team, we are looking froward to meet you!

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Job description:

Quantlase Lab is currently seeking candidates for the position of Quantum Photonics and Laser Scientist. The selected candidate will actively engage in cutting-edge experimental and theoretical research projects within our team. The role involves advancing scientific knowledge, fostering innovation with practical applications, and contributing to the optimal functioning of our organization's experimental research. This research specifically focuses on the intersection of Quantum and Photonics, emphasizing the development of advanced Optical processor devices for applications in quantum computing, Cryptography, Imaging, and Blockchain. The project not only addresses critical challenges in high-tech optical devices but also holds the potential for real-world applications, transforming industries and contributing to a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. Our research group, Quantlase, consists of a dynamic team of researchers dedicated to quantum imaging and a photonics-based approach to quantum information science.

Work Experience

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Publication Record

Proven academic writing skills with a record of publications. 

  • Communication Skills: 

Clear and concise oral and written communication skills. 

  • Technical Skills: 

Hands-on experience and background in optics, optical setups, data collection, and analysis. 

Knowledge of nanofabrication and related simulation tools (COMSOL, FDTD, etc.). 

Proficiency in programming languages such as LabVIEW, Python, Matlab.

  • Scientific Excellence: 

Demonstrated scientific excellence through publications, technical presentations in national and international conferences, and engagement in sponsor meetings and workshops. 

  • Applications in Integrated Photonics: 

Background in integrated photonics applications such as quantum sensing, networking and computing, LIDAR, imaging, RF photonics, or optical communications. 

  • Device Design and Testing: 

Experience in the design and test of photonics devices (waveguides, gratings, modulators, lasers, amplifiers, optical detectors). 

  • Laboratory Expertise: 

Evidence of producing excellent experimental work in an optical laboratory.  Experience with optical testbeds, including resonator/waveguide fabrication and/or characterization, free space, and Fiber optics alignment.  

  • Quantum Modelling: 

Ability to model and simulate quantum states, including those based on entanglement generation protocols. 

  • Ultrafast Optical Setups: 

Working with ultrafast optical setups, including pulse compression, synthesis, and measurement. 

  • Laser Systems Tuning: 

Tuning and maintaining high-energy ultrafast oscillator, amplifier, and parametric amplifier systems. 

  • Laboratory Setup and Development: 

Developing and constructing a high-pressure gas to high-vacuum laser beam line for infrared, vacuum, and extreme ultraviolet experiments.

Building optical characterization devices such as Mid-IR, VUV, and EUV spectrometers and pulse measurement devices such as FROGs. 

Development of new pulse characterization techniques in the VUV region. 

  • Programming Proficiency: 

Programming instrument control and data acquisition systems (in Python).

Minimum Education / Experience Requirements: Scientist

  • Educational Qualifications: 

Ph.D. thesis in Laser Physics or a related field. 

  • Background Knowledge: 

 Strong background in one or more of classical and quantum optics, imaging with light, and quantum entanglement. 

  • Experience: 

Minimum of 3 years of experimental research experience. o Demonstrated expertise in high-power, ultrafast lasers, and ultrafast laser spectroscopy.

*No. of Post: 10

Employment type: Full time

Benefits: Tax Free Salary, Visa, Medical Insurance, Paid Leaves, Annual Leaves as per Labour Law, Annual Air Ticker, Perks and Benefits as per Labour Law

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