Dr. Pramod Kumar
Principal Scientist & Director of Research at Quantlase Lab


Dr. Pramod Kumar holds the position of Principal Scientist in the Laser Tech. & Quantum Photonics division and serves as the Founding Director of Research at Quantlase Laboratory. With over 20 years of research experience in Laser Technology and Quantum Photonics, Dr. Kumar is recognized as a brilliant physicist and a leading specialist in these fields. His extensive expertise is dedicated to exploring the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging Quantum-Enabled technology. This involves the strategic use of tailored laser light for potential applications in Imaging, Communication, Computation, Precision Measurements, and Biomedical Sciences.

Dr. Kumar's contributions extend to the realm of healthcare and medical imaging, where he has leveraged his knowledge to invent a Laser-based imaging technique named "Diffractive Phase Interferometry." This innovative approach proves effective in screening COVID-19 infections, showcasing his commitment to advancing healthcare technologies.

Looking forward, Dr. Kumar envisions fundamental and practical applications in the field of Ultrafast Laser physics and Quantum Photonics. His long-term goal is to evolve a Photonic Intelligence machine on a chip-scale, reflecting a dedication to transformative advancements.

Additionally, Dr. Kumar is actively engaged in addressing complex challenges, including the resolution of the Prime factorization issue using light for Quantum Key Distribution. His multifaceted contributions and ongoing work exemplify his commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and practical applications in Laser Technology and Quantum Photonics.


In his esteemed role as the Director of Research & Innovation at Quantlase Lab, Dr. Pramod Kumar assumes a central position in propelling the frontiers of Quantum Technology, thereby making significant contributions to the lab's pioneering research endeavors. As a Principal Scientist, Dr. Kumar plays a pivotal role in advancing the quantum research agenda, fostering innovation, and upholding scientific excellence within the domain of Quantum Technologies at Quantlase Lab.

In his capacity as director, Dr. Kumar orchestrates and guides extensive investigations into Quantum Technologies, with a particular focus on quantum computing, communication, and sensing. His leadership extends to the development and execution of research projects, where he collaborates with interdisciplinary teams to propel quantum-related initiatives within the lab. Employing state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Kumar meticulously designs, plans, and executes precise experiments, contributing to the refinement of quantum research methodologies.

Dr. Kumar's specialization lies in addressing challenges related to Quantum Key Distribution, aiming to enhance secure communication through the implementation of innovative quantum protocols. His proactive engagement with internal and external stakeholders underscores his commitment to advancing quantum technologies, as evidenced by contributions to scientific literature through research publications, technical reports, and presentations at national and international conferences.

Recognizing the intrinsic value of Quantum Technology in healthcare, Dr. Kumar actively contributes to innovations in medical imaging and techniques. Furthermore, he assumes a pivotal role in shaping the lab's strategic vision in quantum research, providing valuable insights for the quantum roadmap. Dr. Kumar's commitment extends to the training and development of lab researchers through workshops, seminars, and educational programs, ensuring the continuous evolution of expertise within the quantum research domain.


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