About DPI

QuantLase lab`s latest invention DPI, The diffractive Phase Interferometry utilizes desirable laser characteristics to determine the optical scattering profiles by the blood cells over a wide angular range of spatial spectrum to characterize their morphological properties in a tiny amount of blood sample. Using coherent illumination allows cells morphology to be encoded in the complex scattered field. In this light-cells interaction, the optical phase modulation is crucial since it encodes the sub-micrometric change in morphology of the blood cells, and it is this modulated phase that is required to enable optical diffraction patterns.

  • Mass screening at point of entry

  • Real-time on-site results

  • User friendly

  • Blood sample collection is as home-based diabetes centre

  • Cost effective and low operating cost

  • High accuracy and highly reliable

  • More than 6.5 million tests performed over 43 registered centres across UAE

  • CE certified No. 12565

  • Compliant with requirements for Class I council directive on medical devices

  • 93/42/EEC as amended 2007/47/EC

  • Compliant with EC/98/79

  • UL certified


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